What Kind of Marketing Consultant Do You Need? | Melissa How
Running a business can be a real challenge at any stage, but in 2022, this is especially true. Many business owners feel overwhelmed post pandemic. And that’s where a professional marketing consultant comes in. Different stages in the business lifecycle require different marketing strategies. There are times when you need to focus your marketing campaigns on awareness and getting your brand known through advertising. Fast forward and an established business trying to grow might want
How to Use CRM and Email Marketing Together: A Complete Guide | Melissa How
CRM and email marketing work perfectly together. It’s almost as if CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was created specifically to allow email marketing to shine. Let us explain this statement. A common problem companies had when developing email marketing strategies (as with most marketing strategies) was how to personalise and automate the process. And that’s where CRM comes in. If you want your emails to generate new leads, have a high ROI (return on investment) and
8 Essential Skills of a Digital Marketing Consultant | Melissa How
There are many reasons why a business might choose to hire a digital marketing consultant. For most, it’s a fantastic decision. More than 90% of people visit search engines and social media before trusting a brand. And that’s just one of the reasons why investing in digital marketing is highly recommended. But how can you determine which consultant to hire and whether they’re a good fit for your organisation? Well, a good place to start
Why Email Marketing is More Efficient than Social Media in 2022 | Melissa How
Why Email Marketing is More Efficient than Social Media in 2022 Did you know that email marketing is more efficient than social media marketing? Most businesses invest a large percentage of their marketing budget in social media advertising, which is not a bad tactic. For many reasons, social media marketing is a valuable asset for any business. The right social media mix, with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, can increase your traffic and conversions. 
How to choose the right social media mix for your business | Melissa How
How to choose the right social media mix for your business is something small business owners often ask. The most common misconception is that for a small business to thrive and grow, it needs to have a presence on ALL social media platforms, all the time.  As you can imagine, this way of thinking can be a source of great pressure for many new business owners!   We asked Lauren Hamilton, Founder of Sydney Agency Digital
How To Write A Digital Marketing Plan | Melissa How
One thing all marketers can agree on is that every business should invest in digital marketing. Whether you own a small business or a large company, planning your marketing strategy around digital is critical to your success nowadays. Digital Marketing is defined as: ‘Achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies and media’. Possibly the best thing about digital marketing is the ability to integrate different channels to organise customer flow. Creating a digital marketing plan
7 Best Inbound Marketing Strategies for Top of Funnel Content | Melissa How
While digital marketing has been evolving over the past two years due to Covid, it has also literally been helping businesses survive and flourish. And for those that adapted, the good news is that they will continue to benefit after the pandemic. New approaches like User Journey, will deliver long term benefits. But getting back to business as usual means attracting new leads and customers. It’s time to think about inbound marketing.  In this blog
How Marketing Can Help Businesses Survive & Thrive: Digital Transformation in COVID-19 | Melissa How
The impact of the recent pandemic on businesses has been significant. Regardless of whether your business is an eCommerce startup or a huge law firm, you have felt the effects of COVID-19. The emergence of Covid completely changed the face of business around the world. With economies and markets literally shut down overnight, the pandemic has forced businesses to pivot and sometimes reengineer entirely different business models. We have already looked at how marketing has
How to Improve User Experience in 2021 | A Complete Guide to User Journey | Melissa How
There is no denying that the pandemic has changed the world of marketing in a big way. Marketers and companies had to quickly adapt to the rapid changes in the market. More professionals began to work remotely, and companies began to focus on digital marketing. Accordingly, marketers looked for innovative ways to improve the online user experience. But why did this happen? Recent studies show that lockdowns around the world have completely changed customer behaviour.
Want a Thriving Business? Focus on Inbound Marketing Strategies That Work | Melissa How
Digital marketing is becoming increasingly powerful as a tool for inbound marketing. As a result of the pandemic, all types of businesses have started investing in innovative marketing strategies in an effort to generate more leads. Inbound marketing is the best method to grow any type of business, from small eCommerce stores to large corporations. However, not all marketing strategies work for all types of businesses. For this reason, this article will examine what inbound