Have you been wondering how to grow your business? Or is there a marketing problem that you can’t get to the bottom of? It might be time for some marketing consulting.

Some think that the role of a Marketing Consultant is just to provide professional advice, but this is only a small part of it. Marketing consulting is a process of analysis, advice, and action. And it can deliver results in a one-off strategy session or ongoing marketing consulting services, depending on your needs.

Is it time to hire a Marketing Consultant?

Marketing consulting examines what’s in play and creates new marketing strategies so the business can thrive. Most businesses only have marketing teams or agencies that focus on implementation and execution. Marketing consulting brings the auditing, strategy, and analytics to the table.

Tackle the big, strategic goals

Put practical plans into action

Move your business forward



Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Before we dive in, it’s important we get to know each other. This initial consultation is an information gathering session and an opportunity for me to learn about your business, including its pain points and goals.



Discovery involves gathering data from multiple sources and then critically analysing that information to identify any business problems and its SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).
• Review of existing marketing strategies and tactics
• Review of existing marketing processes and techniques
• Review of marketing tools, skills, and resources
• Quantitative analysis of information and data
• Informal, first-hand observations
• Semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders



After diagnosing the key business problem and marketing weakness, I will outline my recommendations and strategies. This process means bringing important issues into sharp focus and seeking out areas for tactical and strategic action that will drive improvement and results.


Action Plan

We will agree on priorities and a plan of attack, setting out the timelines, budgets and resources required to implement strategies and tactics. The work we do in this phase may involve marketing plans, project briefs and position descriptions. This is the right time to involve anyone that will be impacted to ensure that implementation runs smoothly.



Working with your resources or external partners, I will direct the process of turning ideas into action. By remaining deeply involved in the process, we will achieve best practice through leadership, training, and project management that builds momentum and maintains solutions focus.



Together, we will evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies implemented with the goal of creating a constant cycle of improvement.

• Impacts
• Results
• Adjustments



In addition to measuring strategies and projects, we will also be reflecting on our working agreement.
• How are we tracking in relation to our commitments?
• Are we achieving the desired outcomes and making a difference?
• What have we learned along the way and how does that change things?


Melissa is a capable and motivated individual with impeccable attention to detail. Melissa’s comprehensive knowledge and experience in developing Sales and Business Development strategies is exceptional and her commitment to clients is faultless, always leading by example.

Linda Franchi
Business Development Manager

Melissa is far more than my Marketing Consultant. I look to her as my mentor and guiding star for marketing, digital, online & strategy. Melissa is a true professional and expert in her field, but what sets her apart is her personal approach, relationship management and work ethics.

Katie Hokin
Marketing Manager

Melissa is an incredible teacher, first and foremost. I knew I had a problem with the concision and articulation of my core message, and Mel not only helped me articulate this with clarity, but more importantly gently and graciously guided me to some powerful realisations about getting it out there.

I was drowning in fluff but Mel’s precise and insightful approach helped me find words that measured my value, as well as positioned me exactly with the people I wanted to work with, no compromises!  I am eternally grateful and she will be my go-to for strategy – for life!
Kath Clarke
Personal Brand Strategist
Mitchell Mackey

Mitchell Mackey

Marketing Director, Asia Pac

A passionate and committed digital marketing specialist, Melissa delivers. An integral partner in our team, Melissa plays a vital role as a navigator and guide in assisting Ansell develop and implement an effective online program. As conventional marketing becomes less and less relevant, Melissa’s strategic insights and practical contributions are generating genuine business value.